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Maribeth’s Bakery Serves Alexandria During COVID-19 Pandemic

34 years ago, Maribeth's Bakery started its business at the Old Town Alexandria Farmers Market. It was a time when farmer's markets weren't the cool, trendy thing. Now it has grown into a wholesale company serving Washington DC metropolitan area hotels, caterers, museums, professional clubs, etc. employing up to about 40 people. In a letter to, the team at Maribeth's Bakery wrote, "Since the onset of the pandemic, Maribeth has committed to all her employees that she will pay them their full wages and benefits until things resolve. This necessitated a quick, and I mean QUICK, pivot into an online retailer/delivery company. Thank goodness Maribeth had taken a website design class just this January! The idea of online sales has been something on our minds for a few years now, but who knew that our thriving 34-year-old wholesale company would have been put in the position of a daily gross of $0.00 overnight to necessitate such a move. Please check out our website to see what we're up to."

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