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Restaurants Considers Parking Lots And Sidewalks As Potential Outdoor Dining Spots

Restaurants across Alexandria are considering to use parking spaces and nearby sidewalks as potential dining spots. They plane to use these places where they can serve outdoor meals in accordance with Phase One of reopening during a pandemic. Restaurant owners and managers say they’re weighing the options, trying to figure out how many people will really want to eat in a parking space.
The Del Ray Cafe plans to seat eight or nine tables in the parking lot behind their building on East Howell Avenue
According to the Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Now everything has changed. Alexandria restaurants have been restricted to serving takeout and delivery since mid-March, and many owners have taken forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Act to help them stay open during the economic crisis. Starting on Friday, restaurants will be able to serve outdoor diners as long as they can maintain social distancing between tables. For some restaurants, it’s too early to think about it." As per Alexandria Gazette Packet, "Closing the 100 block to traffic and making parking spaces available to restaurants might allow for some extra space, although the new outdoor dining rules are still an experiment in the new normal. Part of that new normal is reopening after an extended period of quarantine. Restaurants are trying to get their waiters and waitresses to return to the workplace, although some say they’re having a hard time putting together a pandemic workforce."

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