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Revealing Elements For Home Buyers Considering Carlyle Towers Condominium

Carlyle Towers Condominium has many of Northern Virginia's best examples of contemporary-style architecture. Photo of 2151 Jamieson Ave #2010 This condo at 2151 Jamieson Ave #2010, Alexandria typifies aspects of condos we find in Carlyle Towers Condominium. If you're thinking of purchasing a condo at Carlyle Towers Condominium, you're probably already well aware that Carlyle Towers Condominium is in the City of Alexandria and Alexandria. Continue reading "Revealing Elements For Home Buyers Considering Carlyle Towers Condominium"
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The Most Important Feature When Paying $779,900 In 22314?

I'm Julie Nesbitt. I'm a local Realtor specializing homes in The City of Alexandria. 2181 Jamieson #703 is just listed and looks like a good buy in many ways. But it's not important to me that my client buy this property, or any particular 3-bedroom 2-baths condo in 22314. Rather, it's more important to me that I do what's right for my client. Photo of 2181 Jamieson #703 Continue reading "The Most Important Feature When Paying $779,900 In 22314?"
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1405 Roundhouse Ln #501, Alexandria VA 22314 Listed For Sale

Valuable Basics About Listings Advertised For Sale In The City of Alexandria

1405 Roundhouse Ln #501 is an One-Of-A-Kind premium home in 22314, Nevertheless it's not for every buyer. It's a smart idea to sort out your priorities:
  1. What do you absolutely need from your home?
  2. What would be nice if you could find it?

Have you thought about:

How many baths do you need? 1405 Roundhouse Ln #501 has 2 full baths. What about half baths? 1405 Roundhouse Ln #501 has 0 half baths. How much can you afford? Does your budget have any room to move up or down? Do you want a basement? none of the condos in this place have a basement. Continue reading "1405 Roundhouse Ln #501, Alexandria VA 22314 Listed For Sale"
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Condo Real Estate Inventory Report

How is the real estate market 09/09/2021 for condos?

Are you looking for condos selling in Alexandria, Virginia? If yes, you will want to learn more about condominium real estate in Northern Virginia. Further, you could be shocked by what is happening in the condominium real estate market. See below for more info about the current state of the condo real estate market, including
  • condo inventory data,
  • what condominiums have recently sold in Northern Virginia, and
  • facts about condos currently for sale.
Andrew Patton would be happy to help your find your perfect condo. Continue reading "Condo Real Estate Inventory Report"
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2151 Jamieson Ave #2109, Alexandria VA 22314 Listed

3 Bedroom in 22314 Asking $869,000

There's a lot to like about this home in Alexandria. But is 2151 Jamieson Ave #2109 the perfect residence for you? There are many factors to consider.

To get what you want, you need to know what you want For example.

How many bedrooms do you need? 2151 Jamieson Ave #2109 is a 3-bedroom penthouse. The highest priced penthouse in the section is listed for $869,000. Do you know if 2151 Jamieson Ave #2109 is a good value? Maybe you should rent? Do you like to live in a place with a lot rentals? Do you prefer to live in a neighborhood with few rentals? Currently for rent at Carlyle Towers Continue reading "2151 Jamieson Ave #2109, Alexandria VA 22314 Listed"
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Seeking A 3 Bedroom Condo For Approximately $900,000

Of course, you can find a 3 bedroom condo for approximately $900,000 in Northern Virginia. But there are only a limited number of luxury homes in Alexandria, Virginia. Maybe one of them is the ideal home for you. If it's not 2151 Jamieson Ave #2010, then it might be one of the properties listed below. Email Nesbitt Realty to learn more from the whizs on Alexandria, Virginia real estate. Continue reading "Seeking A 3 Bedroom Condo For Approximately $900,000"

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